rally wellness

RALLY PROGRAM - REVAMPED Rally 2022! All employees and spouses enrolled in one of our United Healthcare plans will be able to earn up to $300 each per year by doing any of the activities below.


ACTIVITIES: • Members (employee and spouse) have between January 1st and September 30th of 2022 to complete an online health survey on www.myuhc.com to receive a reward of $25.00. Log in to this site and then select “Rally” to take your health survey. The health survey must be completed in order to receive any of the other rewards. • Members can receive an annual physical before Sept. 30, 2022 to receive a reward of $150.00. Members must make sure their doctor’s office is coding their annual exam as such in order to receive their incentive. Wellness (preventive) visits are covered 100% under each medical plan offered.


UHC has waived the 12-month waiting period for annual check-ups for 2022. If you had your annual check-up after September 30th last year, you can still get your annual check-up this year before September 30th.
• Members can receive a reward of $125.00 for the completion of the Personal Health Action (PHA) Program. The PHA program provides support and resources for more than 100 conditions based on need of care such as gap in office visits, needing a preventative screening or follow up for post-acute care. Members connect with a nurse or coach to set a goal or plan and once the goal is met or plan is completed, the member has successfully completed the PHA program and is eligible for the $125.00 reward.
• Members can receive a reward of $125.00 for the completion of at least 9 Real Appeal sessions. Real Appeal is an online weight loss program that includes behavioral counseling as well as weight loss tools and resources. Member must have a Body Mass Index of 23 or higher to participate in the program. Program consists of weekly group sessions, personal transformation coach and online support. Once member has attended 9 consecutive weekly sessions, they will be eligible for the $125.00 reward.
• Members can receive a reward of $20.00/per month for reaching step goals in the Rally Strides program. The member chooses one of five different activity levels ranging from Light – Daily goal of 5000 steps to Very Active – Daily goal of 12500 steps by using a step tracker and/or fitness app. Once the member reaches their step goal at least 12 days a month, they will receive the $20.00 reward for that month.
To access the activities, click on the Rewards tab in their Rally account.

REWARDS: • Maximum Reward - $300.00 each for Employee and Spouse enrolled in UHC medical plan • Rewards will be in the form of gift cards and dispersed from UHC. Rewards will be available through UHC 1-2 days after the Health Survey and completion of Missions. The Annual Physical rewards will be available 2-3 weeks from when UHC receives the claim. • Members can monitor their rewards on www.myuhc.com using the Rally tab